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Who is FirstIgnite for?

FirstIgnite helps researchers at universities connect with companies that are interested in their research.

University Administration

Our customers support diverse research portfolios with goals of licensing, sponsored research and leasing core facilities.


Get ahead by proactively connecting with companies to fund your research or hire you for consulting engagements.

PhD Students

Your expertise is valuable.  Connect with companies in your domain for employment and consulting opportunities.

Why work with FirstIgnite?

FirstIgnite will deliver new industry partnerships for any professor or patent in your research portfolio.

The FirstIgnite experience.

FirstIgnite helps universities connect with companies interested in partnering on their research. Universities provide patents or research publications and FirstIgnite runs targeted marketing campaigns to bring potential partners to the table.


Select a topic for your marketing campaign. This could be a patent, a professor or a research institute!


FirstIgnite executes outbound email and marketing campaigns.


Connect with companies that have expressed interest in discussing potential research partnerships.


FirstIgnite averages 5 new industry relationships within the first 30 days of the marketing campaign.

Cut the time it takes to find funding and expertise in your field.

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