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FirstIgnite can help your office
license more technologies

We leverage data on market sizes, competitive relationships, company strategic priorities, and hiring trends and partner that with targeted outbound marketing campaigns to get your technology in front of the right audience.

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Helping innovative universities license their technologies

Put your technologies in front of the right companies.

FirstIgnite helps you solve two of the most challenging problems in licensing:
Who are the right companies & contacts and how do we engage them?

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Your best marketing strategy starts with data

Your single source for data on companies and contacts

Stop guessing. Stop googling. Stop listening to analysts who don’t know emerging tech. Let us analyze thousands of data sources, summarize it all, and deliver conversations with licensees.

Keep your technology in front of licensees at all times

It’s only possible with consistent, active marketing

Our active marketing keeps your technologies in front of potential licensees where they spend the most time, in their email inbox and on LinkedIn. Our active marketing will keep your university top of mind for licensees.

Let us handle the hard part

Our marketing campaigns are world class.

After getting you set up on our system, our active marketing campaigns use custom scheduling links for each one of your technologies, that maximize the number of meetings booked for a technology.

  • Partnership Conversations / Innovation Listing
  • Partnership Conversations / Month
    > 250
  • Companies Reviewing Innovation / Month
    > 2500

FirstIgnite customers with actively marketed innovation listings are meeting with an average of 5 companies. Currently, 2,500 companies are reviewing innovation listings and scheduling 250+ partnership meetings with universities each month.

Success Stories



Collaborate: Decarbonized Biomanufacturing

March 27, 2023
FirstIgnite is supporting the commercialization of Washington University in St. Louis’s decarbonized biomanufacturing technology, which…

Collaborate: Configurable and Serviceable Respirator

March 20, 2023
FirstIgnite is supporting the commercialization of Auburn University’s configurable and serviceable respirator technology. Featuring standardized…

Collaborate: Virtual Pancreatography

March 17, 2023
FirstIgnite is supporting the commercialization of Stony Brook University's virtual pancreatography technology, which uses imaging…

What Our Customers Say

I don’t need to hire an extra team member. FirstIgnite is cheaper and more effective. Their team consistently brings us new industry contacts truly interested in our technology.

Todd KeillerDirector of Technology Commercialization, Worcester Polytechnic Institute