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The biggest source of research funding has changed

Companies are funding the lion’s share of R&D around the world. US companies will fund over $450B in R&D this year. How can your university tap into these dollars? By reaching out and connecting with companies to form innovation partnerships.

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Helping top universities attract industry sponsored research

Boost your research to new heights

Finding companies to fund your innovation is hard, especially if you’re waiting for them to come to you. Find the right partner for your technologies. Get that first introduction that changes everything.

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Find your next funding partner

Get the capital you need to keep making history

Firstignite can find you the perfect funding partner for your research. Our vetting process that combines a proprietary algorithm with a human-in-the-loop approach ensures best in class company matches and meetings.

Let us handle the hard part

Our marketing campaigns are world class.

After getting you set up on our system, our active marketing campaigns use custom scheduling links for each one of your technologies, that maximize the number of meetings booked for a technology.

  • Partnership Conversations / Innovation Listing
  • Partnership Conversations / Month
    > 250
  • Companies Reviewing Innovation / Month
    > 2500

FirstIgnite customers with actively marketed innovation listings are meeting with an average of 5 companies. Currently, 2,500 companies are reviewing innovation listings and scheduling 250+ partnership meetings with universities each month.

Success Stories



Collaborate: Decarbonized Biomanufacturing

March 27, 2023
FirstIgnite is supporting the commercialization of Washington University in St. Louis’s decarbonized biomanufacturing technology, which…

Collaborate: Configurable and Serviceable Respirator

March 20, 2023
FirstIgnite is supporting the commercialization of Auburn University’s configurable and serviceable respirator technology. Featuring standardized…

Collaborate: Virtual Pancreatography

March 17, 2023
FirstIgnite is supporting the commercialization of Stony Brook University's virtual pancreatography technology, which uses imaging…

What Our Customers Say

We met with more companies in 30 days with FirstIgnite than we had in a previous year. The companies were on target and interested in partnering with us in sustainability. FirstIgnite made it easy to connect and saved us a ton of time and energy.

Kimberly GentryAssociate Vice Chancellor, UMass Boston