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For Career Services

Revolutionizing Career Services with FirstIgnite

Increase employer engagement by identifying corporate partners and connecting with their hiring teams instantly

Company Search

Quickly find companies working in specific fields that your students are passionate about, such as “electric vehicles.” This makes it much easier to discover potential partners for experiential learning and career fairs.

Professional Contact Search

After identifying companies of interest, find the email addresses and contact information of over 265 million professionals across various industries. This empowers your career advisors to provide targeted support to students, recruit for career fairs, and partner with companies on experiential learning.

Transform your career services office

Empower your office to increase employer engagement across campus, for every college and every major. Sign up today and experience the difference.

Since implementing FirstIgnite, our career services office has seen a significant increase in employer partnerships and student placements. The platform has been a game-changer for us!

FirstIgnite has saved both our staff and our students countless hours of searching for potential employers and contacts. It's a fantastic resource that has made our career services process much more efficient.

Using FirstIgnite enabled us to discover new, innovative companies for our career fair. Attendance was higher than ever, and our students were ecstatic about the diverse job opportunities that they found!"

I was struggling to find companies that aligned with what I was passionate about. With FirstIgnite, my career services office provided me with a list of potential employers and contacts, which led to an incredible experiential learning opportunity!