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For Core Facilities

Accelerate Facility Revenue with FirstIgnite

Seamlessly identify and connect with potential industry partners to elevate your core facilities' utilization and revenue.

Easy Partner Identification

Quickly find potential industry partners for fee-for-service collaboration by entering simple search terms or using text from a research publication. FirstIgnite scans and identifies potential partners and their competitors, helping you focus your marketing efforts on the right companies.

Instant Corporate R&D Team Connection

Discover key contacts and over 265 million professionals with their email addresses. In less than 5 minutes, you can identify multiple contacts at your target companies, ensuring your partnership opportunities reach the right people.

Ready to explore the full potential of your core facilities?

Sign up for a free trial of FirstIgnite today, and discover how we can transform your facility’s success with targeted partnerships and accelerated marketing efforts.

Since using FirstIgnite, we have seen a substantial increase in the number of companies interested in our core facilities, resulting in a considerable uptick in revenue.

FirstIgnite has revolutionized our marketing efforts for our core facilities. The platform is intuitive, and we were quickly able to identify and reach out to potential industry partners.

The ease of finding potential partners using FirstIgnite has made a significant difference in the success of our core facilities. I highly recommend this platform for any university seeking to expand their industry connections.

FirstIgnite has streamlined our process of connecting with the right industry partners, which in turn has increased the use and revenue of our core facilities. The platform is essential for anyone seeking to improve their core facility's success.