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Collaborate: SH IR Sensors

By January 19, 2024No Comments

FirstIgnite is supporting the commercialization of the University of Notre Dame’s Shack Hartman (SH) Infrared (IR) Sensors technology. These sensors employ nano-thermocouples to rapidly detect signal distortion characteristics like wavelength, polarization, angle-of-incidence, and modulation. The SH sensor matches cooled devices’ performance while maintaining the advantages of uncooled IR sensors—compact size, lightweight, low power consumption, cost-effectiveness, and wavelength independence.

This technology is applicable to remote sensing, secure communications, infrared imaging, and multi-spectral imaging. The global remote sensing market was worth $17.53 billion in 2022 and is projected to increase to $42.64 billion by 2030.

The University of Notre Dame’s SH IR Sensors technology is ready for collaboration (licensing, partnerships, industry feedback, etc.). Is your company the right fit? If you’d be available for a conversation with the University of Notre Dame team, you can schedule a time directly on their team’s calendar here.