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How Academic Relationships Help Corporations Solve Pressing World Issues: Corgan

By December 15, 2022No Comments

Corgan is a leading architecture and design firm with a user‑centered approach and deep technical experience. They are consistently ranked as one of the top 10 architecture firms in the United States and their core disciplines are supported by a wide range of supplemental services, all of which have a singular goal: to build environments where their clients thrive. From interior design, aviation planning, sustainability and more, Corgan is responsible for creating some of the most forward-thinking building and infrastructure designs to support ever changing global requirements for the future. It is within this vein that their team partnered with FirstIgnite in the Summer and Fall of 2022 to identify academic experts who could help their team identify and implement specific future initiatives in the sustainability field.

As companies grapple with the changing effects brought on by worldwide green initiatives, it’s important for organizations to be able to identify effective research which can help support their agenda and initiatives. FirstIgnite provides these kinds of research conversations quickly and effectively, specifically with academic experts whose fields of research match those of the interested company. Organizations like Corgan provide FirstIgnite with specific questions and keywords which are then entered into FirstIgnite’s proprietary software. The software then matches this information with academic experts around the world who would be best suited to address these questions. FirstIgnite then reaches out to each of the identified experts, qualifies their ability to answer additional questions from the company partner, and then brokers discussions between companies and experts. This process takes all the grunt work off the plate of the company and quickly coordinates effective discussions which have real world consequences in their applications.

Corgan’s areas of architectural expertise.

Corgan followed this process with FirstIgnite, seeking out several experts who could best address their sustainability needs. By relying on FirstIgnite to get these conversations to action, they were able to concentrate on pressing company needs while the entire introduction, qualification, scheduling, and coordination of conversations was taken care of for them, ensuring that the several discussions they had throughout 2022 with academic experts would be useful to Corgan’s bottom line.

Corporations are at the forefront of research concerns that effect the public at large. In the field of architecture, specifically sustainability is an ever-present concern with ramifications for years on end. By working with FirstIgnite, Corgan was able to address present concerns and work towards future solutions. It’s this proactive attitude that FirstIgnite takes to all relationships, working with corporate partners large and small to find effective academic experts to provide real world solutions.