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Collaborate: PRO Catheter Bio-Coating

By March 15, 2023No Comments

FirstIgnite is supporting the commercialization of the University of Maine’s PRO Catheter Bio-Coating technology, which aids in the reduction of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (UTIs) by utilizing our bodies’ natural control mechanisms for the bacteria that live within us. Additionally, this technology can be seamlessly integrated with existing catheter technology and has demonstrated a remarkable 90-100% reduction in bacteria adhesion to catheters during pre-clinical trials.

This technology has applications in the urology and medical device markets, which are rapidly growing. The global urology device market, for instance, was worth $38.0 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $46.4 billion by 2026.

The University of Maine’s PRO Catheter Bio-Coating technology is ready for collaboration (licensing, partnerships, industry feedback, etc.). Is your company the right fit? If you’d be available for a conversation with the University of Maine team, you can schedule a time directly on their team’s calendar here.